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Building Designs and Construction

Building Designs and Construction An integral part of JAGSUL (Nigeria) Limited’s operation is the provision of a comprehensive building design and construction division as an extension to the Civil Design and Construction department. The services provided include but not limited to the following: Design and Construction of control buildings, workshops,…
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Procurement Part of our procurement mission is to satisfy the needs of our customers by supplying products and services of consistently high quality designed to meet their requirements. We are therefore committed to procure only good quality products that meet with local and international standard. Our purchasing department, headed by…
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Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering In a world driven by technology, electrical engineering is a critical aspect of modern infrastructure. Jagsul Nigeria’s electrical engineering services encompass the design, installation, and maintenance of electrical systems for various applications. This includes power distribution networks, lighting systems, telecommunications, and automation solutions. The company’s electrical engineering team…
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Fabrication and Construction Support

Fabrication and Construction Support The fabrication and construction support services offered by Jagsul Nigeria play a pivotal role in the successful execution of engineering projects. Their state-of-the-art fabrication facilities enable them to produce customized components, steel structures, and other essential elements required for construction. Additionally, Jagsul Nigeria provides on-site construction…
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Production Facility Maintenance

Production Facility Maintenance Industrial / commercial production facilities require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance, prevent breakdowns, and extend the lifespan of equipment. Jagsul Nigeria’s production facility maintenance services encompass comprehensive inspection, preventive maintenance, and prompt repair services. Their team of skilled technicians and engineers are equipped to handle a…
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mechanical engineering

Mechanical Engineering

mechanical Engineering Jagsul Nigeria’s mechanical engineering services cover a wide spectrum of applications, ranging from heavy machinery design to HVAC systems and everything in between. Their team of mechanical engineers is well-versed in designing and implementing solutions that optimize performance, reduce operational costs, and enhance productivity. Whether it’s designing specialized…
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